There is common ground for finance and law in substantially every company related legal issue and we believe it is essential to combine the two to increase the chance of a successful outcome. We are using our practical financial knowledge and understanding of the market to assist legal firms and their clients in protecting and growing their businesses.

Disputes resolution

Disputes are sometimes unavoidable in business. Whether it is a disagreement between shareholders, business or transaction partners or administration bodies – accurate assessment of value and strong financial arguments are imperative. Reaching an understanding and saving both parties time…

Focused litigation support

From discovery through trial, we assist counsels in identifying key issues, requesting documents, developing deposition questions, performing damages analysis, and providing expert opinions. We perform pre-trial analysis and consulting to help determine the value of a plaintiff’s claim or a defendant’s exposure to litigation.

Statutory valuations

Change is a constant that every business is facing nowadays and over the recent years the need for transparent and robust valuations to support these changes and meet regulatory and accounting requirements has increased. Choosing the appropriate valuation method, using reliable market data as well as flexible…

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